Monday, December 10, 2007

More news on the study of Utah Lake Causeway

There is a lot of talk about the idea of a causeway/bridge across Utah Lake. Obviously a bridge is significantly more costly than a causeway but having the Utah Lake Commission start a study on the impacts of such an endeavor is a good thing.

Keep in mind this causeway/bridge could be privately funded to alleviate the financial responsibility of the tax payers. If this were the case the causeway/bridge would most likely be a toll road placing the financial burden upon the users.

There are all kinds of scenarios where Utah Lake could benefit from the building of a causeway/bridge. What if it was privately funded and the causeway/bridge were a toll road? A portion of the funds collected could be used to clean up the lake, dredge and start creating usable recreation areas along the shoreline. I believe the reason Utah Lake has remained in the state that it is in for so long is it needs a viable source of money in order to turn it into the asset that it should be. With the causeway/bridge being a toll road we are not talking about a few thousand dollars we are talking about millions of dollars if just a small toll is collected.

There is more than one way to look at things and I think the trick is finding a solution that benefits everyone including the environmental issues with Utah lake.

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