Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Mosida Orchards

Mosida Orchards is a project that will become a full scale master planned community. It is located on the west side of Utah Lake just south of Saratoga Springs.If you're not sure what a master planned community is DayBreak up in Heriman, Utah is a good example. Typically a master planned community is planned from the beginning with the end in mind. This is a radically new way of developing here in Utah. We are used to urban sprawl or suburban sprawl. Urban sprawl is where cities are spreading into rural land where you typically have single family homes on larger lots using up more land. With a master planned community everything is thought out from the transportation and road capacity all the way down to the community trail system. Lots are typically smaller with a higher density. This is definitely something new and it may not be for everyone. By keeping the lots smaller you are able to provide pocket parks throughout the community with lots of amenities. So instead of looking at your neighbors 1/2 acre lot that he doesn't mow anyway you can enjoy the outdoors at your neighborhood pocket park.

I was at DayBreak for their grand opening and was skeptical about how well this type of community would do here in Utah where we like to have a lot of room. They certainly had done their marketing with the promise of a man made lake to paddle boat on, the fish ponds, the trail system and the neighborhood pocket parks. I have since returned and while I was driving through the development there were people out playing volleyball, a father and son at the fishing hole, a lady in the community garden picking fresh vegetables it was amazing.

I believe that master planned communities are the wave of the future they use our resources more responsibly and everyone benefits.
For more information about the scope of the Mosida Orchards project go the the website Official Website

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