Thursday, February 7, 2008

Legitimate proposal for Utah Lake Bridge

An additional 500,000 new residents in Utah Valley by 2020. Where are these people going to live? Well, I have a pretty good idea.....the west side of Utah Lake. The fastest growing community in the state is Saratoga Springs. Just look across the lake and you can see the homes creeping further south daily. The growth of these west side communities are a good indication of the future. Are developers going to benefit from the building of a causeway....absolutely. Just like when a new freeway is built the property in the vicinity of that freeway increases in value but does that mean the freeway isn't needed? Just ask those people who commute from Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs to Provo each day. Why not plan for the growth that is coming to Utah Valley inevitably? The environmental impact study will bring the issues of building a causeway/bridge across Utah Lake to the forefront where they can be discussed. It is worth studying.

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